Every day from the stands and workstations of the most prestigious bicycle brands, you can leave to try new bikes and accessories. Thanks to the routes that can be reached from Riccione, it will be fun to try the 2020 innovations.

A family style “race” with a carriage transporting children on bicycles hurtles in stages along evocative paths for the city and beyond, where Mother, Dad and Baby will have to register, obviously comfortably aboard their carts.

Family kid area
A great kids mood area, punp truck, strider bicycles for the fun of the little ones. With the collaboration of the Family Hotels, a place to enjoy fun on two wheels, from 0 to 10 years between first steps, passing to road safety up to pure fun with ramps and pumps.

We will talk about the best Italian practices and international experiences that can be replicated, the best quality and safety criteria for creating a cycle route, and finally why it is worth investing in the bicycle. The appointment, in the form of b2b, will be the occasion to take stock of the economy of the bicycle situation, in Italy, where there are 743,000 frequent bikers, with higher percentages in the autonomous province of Bolzano, in Emilia Romagna and Veneto. That is also roughly the regions, with Friuli Venezia Giulia, and Lombardy, with the greatest propensity to move by bike in urban travel.

The heart of Riccione will be the stage for the stands and trucks of the parent companies of the most prestigious bicycle brands, from sports to urban, passing from clothing to technological accessories.

Piazzale Roma in the heart of Riccione and other areas of the city, will be an Expo Area, every night, with producers, companies in the sector, music shows and athletic performances.

The Pump Track is an artificial path composed of parabolic curves and bumps. The purpose of the Pump Track is to follow it without pedaling, or using the thrust of the body. The Pump Track is practicable by everyone, from those who are at first experiences to the most experienced rider.
The pump, however, not only trains the technique, but helps us to overcome our fears, it teaches us not to touch the brakes when cornering, to trust our vehicle and our capabilities. To look for our limit and above all to improve resistance to fatigue. All in the name of so much entertainment and fun.

They are called “fixed”, but also “fixed” in Italian. They are the bikes with the fixed relationship. No free wheel. The drive wheel is connected directly to the wheel hub via the chain and each movement of one part corresponds to the movement of the other based on the set ratio. No brakes.
Along a fascinating circuit in the center of Riccione, bales of hay coming out of corners because here we start at full speed and end up even stronger and if you bend too much there is the risk of touching the ground with the pedal. This is also the reason for the success of these races, also thanks to the short circuit that allows a continuous passage of the riders in front of the public.

Every morning in Riccione a Champion of sport meets, but also Champions in Life. During the Ride Riccione Week you can go out every day for a quiet ride on a racing bike, discovering the emotions behind so many victories, in addition to great commitment.
A suggestive and panoramic tour that will be the occasion of wonderful photographic shots.

A day on two wheels between art, culture, wine and delicious food. Do you dream of living an unforgettable experience in the most suggestive places of Romagna? Sign up, visit wonderful villages and taste the wines, cheeses and typical products in a single day. You can participate with your bike and if you don’t have it we will take care of you, muscular and pedal assisted.