Ride Riccione takes the baton of the Granfondo Riccione, which has reached its 20th edition in 2018, to project itself on the international stage, reviewing the entire
itinerary and participatory spirit.

Three routes: fun, fascinating and exciting, they will bring amateurs along the hills of the Riccionese hinterland: 35 km, 105 km and 140 km.
The gourmet short, open to any type of bicycle for lovers of good food: an effervescent ride with panoramic and tasty refreshment in the name of Romagna to be enjoyed.

The medium: the fascinating tour between sea and land, retracing the time trial of the Riccione San Marino stage of the Giro d’Italia 2019.

The long: on the exploits of the Pirate Marco Pantani, an extraordinary journey with three chrono climbs that will lead sports enthusiasts to climb the Cippo, the well-known ascent in which the Pirate prepared his successes, the most fascinating lap you can do, where not you can lose the photo to the Cippo.