6th JUNE 2021

15th OCTOBER 2020

Considering the Covid-19 emergency and giving the highest priority to ensuring the health of all cyclists, volunteers and collaborators, the Organizing Committee, after consulting the competent authorities and after an accurate assessment, took the decision to cancel the 2020 edition of Ride Riccione and postopone it to 6th June 2021.

It has been an extremely difficult decision, from every point of view. Ride Riccione is a party, a cycling party, a party of people who love to cycle and who come from all over the world to meet in Riccione and hike the “Pirate’s Sky” on Cippo Carpegna. The cancellation is for our organization and for the entire community a solid damage.

But beyond the current difficulties, we want and shall develop a positive attitude towards the future, particularly with regard to our cycling friends.

Our regulation, in the section “Event Cancellation” states that:
“If, in case of force majeure or for any reason not depending on the organizers, the event cannot take place, the participation fee will not be refund nor be valid for the following year”.

Still, due the good relationship with the event participants, taking into account the Covid-19 emergency and given the current situation that has arisen in the country, we will give everyone the opportunity to keep their registration based on the type of registration purchased for 2020 and also to keep the paid amount for 2021, charing only an eventual difference with the new price.

Regulation and registration fees for Ride Riccione 2021 will be published within 15th October 2020.