Formula Bici, the Association that includes all the most important amateur bike events in Italy, launched “Formula Bici  Ride Your Dream“, an iniative that will let all the amateurs become “finishers” of the Formula Bici 2020 scheduled races, through a fundraising in favour of Italian Civil Protection.

During the years Formula Bici has become the reference for all Italian bike amateurs, representing the most important national events of marathons, mountain bike, stage races, randonnées and historical routes, and working for developing the events world in all its different declinations (safety, environmental protection…).

In this hard season, the amateur bike scene obviously suffered too, living the cancellation of almost every race scheduled in 2020, with the only exception of a few races postponed in autumn. Formula Bici wants to send a positive message, launching an iniative for raising funds and giving motivation to all the bike amateurs: this gives birth to Formula Bici RideYourDream, which wants to give all the bike lovers a chance of become “Finishers” of the Formula Bici events, giving a 10 € tribute which will be entirely donated to the Italian Civil Protection.

How does Formula Bici RideYourDream work? You only have to sign up in the RideYourDream area in the Formula Bici website and complete, on a route of your choice, within this year’s 31st December, one of the challenges scheduled by Formula Bici for 2020 (all listed in the webpage), selecting the event according to the distance or the total altitude you wish to race.
In this way you can complete on your favorite routes some of the most important events of Italian amateur biking, with a range from 52 to 209 kilometers and from 400 to 4900 gradient meters!

The rules are very simple: race where you wish, on the day you wish, complying the total distance of the challenge (with an extra or missing of maximum 10%) and the total altitude (with an extra or missing of maximum 5%). Once you completed the challenge, upload the data registered by your GPS (all the practical details are included in the registration confirmation email) and you will receive a customized “Finisher” diploma for the marathon you decided to race.

Plus, all the Formula Bici Ride Your Dream participants will get a free insurance for the day they chose for the challenge and a two month free trial of the Bike Personal Coach app, both provided by BIKEVO, official partner of Formula Bici.